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If you didn’t already notice….we’re under hard body construction (hence the delay in posts). We making some changes and in due time expect to see a great site pop up within the next month….until then tune into beauty & the beatbox and act like u got some sense in these streets.


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I came across the following on puppetgov.com:

Here’s the link to Elliot Spitzer’s editorial in the Washington Post. 

So why does this all matter? The article Eliot Spitzer wrote attacked the Bush administration for helping banks participate in predatory lending. And guess who predatory lending affects most? That’s right you guessed it: minorities. So basically, the Bush Administration got the FBI to release the info about the prostitution scandal and get him out of office because he attacked Bush for helping banks f**k over black people in a public forum. Not to say Eliot Spitzer didn’t do what he admitted to but what a coincidence the scandal was revealed right after he wrote the editorial. 

To read more about how companies profit from the poor go here

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Full videos of the sermons Rev Wright gave:


This isn’t about defending or condemning Rev. Wright’s speeches or views, its about providing the context for the clips being played by mainstream media. The problem here is that the news being given to most people is not objective, they’ve already condemned the sermon before they play them. Rather than showing the whole clip and letting people form their own opinions about it, they take a small part and make the decision for you. If you listen to the whole sermon you’ll see that what Rev Wright is saying is true: America is run by rich whites who have no concern for people of color, hence the problem here is racism and white supremacy.

And just in case you missed it like me, here’s Obama’s full speech on race and politics:

This was a nice speech. There’s really no denying that, and I agree with his view that we have to confront the problem of racism if we’re ever going to truly unite as a country. But one thing I don’t agree with is that by condemning the Reverend’s comments, Obama is basically saying he doesn’t agree with the fact that white elites control this country. He talks about corporations and special interest groups, but who do you think owns these corporations and pays lobbyists? Rich whites. (and if you need proof just look at the top of the organizational charts for the big corporations where it says “board of directors”). I don’t expect Obama to agree with the pastor because that would cost him the election. But its sad that everybody says what a great speech this is without considering the fact that Obama is rejecting the idea of white supremacy, a concept that is so clear to see and really essential to understanding most of the problems that exist in this country (like poor education, the economy and sub-prime mortgage rate loan defaults, ect.) including slavery, which he spoke about throughout the speech. Not once did he even mention white supremacy…

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rezoning-harlem.jpgHarlem is going to get a makeover whether we like it or not. Rich NY socialites have been trying to takeover the Black Mecca since X and Garvey were trottin around…this just takes the cake. NYC’s planning commission recently announced plans to rezone the infamous 125th St. of HarlemWorld. Plans to “enhance” Harlem’s main street go into effect if the City Council approves the proposal on April 30th. Charlie Rangel is gunna have to use the muscle sooner or later, this is going too far. Tough times in NY….and shit just continues to get worse….no tellin whats going to happen to our 5% homies who are stationed in Harlem…

Critics charge the plan would price longtime residents out of the neighborhood by allowing market-rate housing to be developed and would replace an iconic African-American locale with chain stores, hotels, luxury housing and high-rises. The plan also could squeeze out 71 small neighborhood businesses, according to city estimates.”They want it to look like 86th St.,” said Bella Yarra, 35, who owns Yara International, an African fabric and arts store on E. 125th St. near Fifth Ave. “It’s not good for us small businesses.”Steve Johnson, 53, a lifelong Harlem resident, said the rezoning would “take away from the core of the community.”


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(peep my man in pink lookin like a young Hov, stealin shit sampling rhymes from other people…lol…)

These apparent “fight clubs” are occurring at Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Greenbelt, MD which rests in Prince George’s County, a predominately black area boarding Washington D.C. According to news outlets, “racist, sexist and homophobic rants” are prompting “taunts and threats” that are surfacing Myspace and YouTube. According to WJLA(ABC7) “Students say some of their classmates, instead of composing essays, focus of gun violence, homophobia and racism. They face-off in verbal confrontations which wind-up on the internet.” What appears to be a way for kids to passively resolve the problems that high school students tend to have with each other, is being marginalized into an attack on Hip Hop culture. (more…)

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Also Said Clinton Probably Had More Black Women than Obama…Ouch!!!!

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JustRealeyez friend and supporter Solomon Comissiong drops some knowledge on everything from Hip Hop to education to the election..

By: Solomon Comissiong


I have always professed to people who I encounter throughout the country that Hip Hop has been a way of life to me dating back to my inception in this land called America. Yes, it was Hip Hop that filled in the extremely large crevices of information that I should have gotten within the conventional classrooms of every American school I attended. Yes, Hip Hop helped develop a stronger sense of Black Pride within me and the rest of the “Golden Era” generation of hip hoppers. Yes, Hip Hop taught me what it truly means to be a community advocate and activist. Truth be told, Hip Hop Culture was all those things to me growing up…and still is. However, the more I am exposed to various pockets of people, the more I appreciate one of the most underrated things that Hip Hop cultivated inside of me, and that is Critical Thought. (more…)

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