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West Coast rapper Crooked I has been releasing a freestyle every Wed. for the last year. He’s gone to every beat imaginable and for the last one, week 52, he went all out. Rather than doin the same old jackin for beats he set out to prove that hip-hop isn’t dead by jackin a beat from every fallen soldier in the game and rippin each one. If this doesn’t do it for you, maybe hip hop isn’t for you…

I should add that Crooked’s list of quotables from this weekly series is better than most rapper’s entire catalogues…”picture me rolling, still living like a pimp when he strolling/still, lyrics sicker than the s**t in your colon/ still gutter like OBAMA when the ni**a was bowling…”- Crooked I, “Week 52, The Finale”

Smoking Section has a nice analysis of the whole series. 

And for those of you who prefer conscious rappers peep Week 4 , it gets serious at 3:03


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Even tho Clef’ said she crazy and I’ve seen it for myself…she’s def goin thru some shit right now….one can’t deny that she’s still an amazing artist and it shows. Shouts to Mai for this lovely drop about Mz. Hill’s mixtape that came out not too long ago….


Although it is not quite a new album it is great to here some new music from Ms.Hill. Lauryn Hill’s mixtape is defiantly creating a buzz!Lauryn Hill’s fans will be happy to here that some of her music on her mixtape takes you back to Lauryn’s Miseducation of Lauryn Hill days. I particularly like the joint “A is change gonna come, ” but you should defiantly check this joint out ASAP via DatPiff.

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Lupe… The Cool…12.18.07

Off of this small clip alone, and the two singles out now, “Dumb it Down” and Superstar”, I think its safe to say that The Cool will be one of the best albums of the year…


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