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University of Maryland Alum Aaron McGruder has done it once again…another memorable, classic Boondocks Episode. Maybe not quite as strong as the Dr. King Episode, but “The Huey Freeman Hunger Strike” is a little too real. The episode from Season 2 has been banned from being shown on Comedy Central along with another episode which supposedly satirically attacks BET.

In this episode, BET’s CEO, Debra Lee, “Debra Lee-vil,” a sinister Dr. Evil clone who kills underlings and rants about creating a network “that would accomplish what hundreds of years of slavery, Jim Crow and malt liquor couldn’t – the destruction of black people.” BET entertainment president Reggie Hudlin – once a “Boondocks” executive producer and mentor to McGruder is depicted as Dr. Lee-vil’s Harvard-educated sidekick who propses stealing five-year-old reality show ideas from MTV and making them black for BET (hmmm seems familiar….) (more…)


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Mike Jones-Drop & Gimme 50.

Gross and all around tasteless. But I will say that Bush avatar is pretty funny…not funny enough to make me like this video though. via NahRight

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It’s Monday guys…take a chill pill, step over to the water cooler and talk about how black celebrities take this self defamation thing to another level..I promise ur co-workers will love it!

So T.O. gets all choked up after the game..someone give this man an Emmy, Grammy, record deal…somethin! Apparently they started goin on Tony Romo (the Cowboys QB) and Terrell stood up for his “teammate” isn’t that soo cute?! I kinda like a man with a soft side…. :-/….what I like even more -guys who win football games-smh @ the Cowboys’ L aka the Giants’ W…I blame Jessica Simpson!



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Personally I think this flirts along the lines of cute and stupid. I pitty the fool husband who had to deal with this. To each his own…I guess?


Apparently Chidi Ogbuta of Allen, Texas had a longtime fantasy of having a doll modeled after her. Well I wonder what he got out of it. He sure does look uncomfortable tho! SMH. This is clearly the perfect example of a MAN DOWN situation. Congrats to all three of you..ha!

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Its sad…instead of buyin an actual car, some New Yorkers would rather spend $800+ to put a system on their bicycles. There are so many reasons this is dumb here’s a few: rain, stick up kidz, they’re heavy as shit, ect. Doesnt make much sense to me, what do yall think?

Taken from the NY Times

Bicycles That Carry Powerful Beats, and Even a Rider or Two

November 29, 2007

A new biker gang is roaming the streets of Richmond Hill, Queens. This crew of mostly teenagers can be seen riding along 103rd Avenue just west of the Van Wyck Expressway. The bikes roar, but the booming sound has nothing to do with engines — because there are no engines. They are ordinary bicycles, not motorcycles, although these contraptions look and sound more like rolling D.J. booths. They are outfitted with elaborate stereo systems installed by the youths. (more…)

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Considering it’s finals time and I’m stuck at the library at 3am bored and fiendin’ to find more things to incorporate into my ‘Procrastination Utopia‘…I decided to post Big L’s “Da Graveyard” because that one line when he says “I don’t have it all upstairs but who the fuck cares” without a doubt sums up my whole semester in a nutshell…and not for nothing, every artist on the track rips it(Jay-z, Lord Finesse, Y.U, Microphone Nut and Party Arty-google if u have to kiddies)….yes Hovie included..matta fact, his entire flow was priceless! ahh to be young again, right Jay?! (Look on the sidebar to play the track…it’s a green box that’s on the side so you can enjoy the track while reading our other posts đŸ˜€ ) (more…)

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 Comedians do these things? I sure hope he gets paid extra for that…

DC’s own Dave Chappelle has broken his own Laugh Factory endurance record. The 34-year-old comedian topped his record of six hours and seven minutes, set in mid-April, by taking to the stage Sunday and telling jokes for six hours and 12 minutes.”Dave was determined to keep his record because he recently heard that Dane Cook was planning on trying to break (his) record,” club owner Jamie Masada said Monday.Masada said Cook held a record of three hours and 50 minutes in early April. The mark had stood at two hours and 41 minutes, set by Richard Pryor in 1980.

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